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The Gig Mindset Advantage


Explore the book The Gig Mindset Advantage: Why a Bold New Breed of Employee is Your Organization’s Secret Weapon in Volatile Times using the links below.

The first link takes you through the book, chapter by chapter.

Chapter descriptions
Reader profiles and what to expect from the book
Stories from the future, case studies in the book
About the research
Gig mindset traits explored in the research
Checklists: questions to consider (pragmatic and strategic)

Articles about the Gig Mindset

You can also read articles I have written since 2018 during my research and writing of the book.

Some of the most popular articles:

Customized reports

Do you have a gig mindset? Does your organization have a gig-mindset work culture?

Organizations request customized reports on their own work cultures and digital workplaces. I conduct a confidential internal survey using the same questions as in my global research. The results are delivered in a written report and/or in a workshop and include recommendations for areas to focus on. Get in touch here if you are potentially interested.