Speaker and Management Briefer

My talks are thought-provoking and trigger new ways of thinking.

My private briefings to management are grounded in data from my 12 years of research as well as stories and examples from over 20 years of working with global organizations. I help management envisage how they can define actionable strategies and mobilize their organization.

Private briefings and management workshops

  • Global consumer goods organization, France
  • Key player in the financial transactions industry, France
  • Global industrial company in a merger context, US & France
  • International textile company in Europe
  • Global manufacturing company in Germany
  • Executive Round Table organized by the Peter Drucker Forum Europe, the Harvard Business Review and Roland Berger, Munich
  • Major French bank and insurance group, France
  • Government infrastructure agency, Europe
  • Global chemical company, Germany
  • Global technology company, Stockholm
  • Global construction company, Paris
  • Nuclear safety government agency, Europe
  • Leading luxury brands group, Europe


Going way back, I had the privilege of keynoting the first intranet/digital workplace conference in Australia in 2011. The same year, I also opened the first European IC and Intranet Meeting (video  link) in Warsaw, Poland.

More recently…

  • Rencontre Internationale Digital Workplace, Paris, 2019
  • Intranet Reloaded, Berlin, 2018
  • Enterprise Digital Summit, London, 2018
  • IOM Zurich, 2017
  • Enterprise Digital, Paris, 2017
  • Rencontre de responsables digital, Paris, Conference Chair annually for 10 years: 2008-2018
  • Enterprise Digital, Paris, 2016
  • Congresintranet, Utrecht,2015
  • Enterprise 2.0 Summit, Paris, February 2015
  • IOM, Cologne, 24 – 25 September 2014
  • Intranet Reloaded, Berlin, April, 2014 Advisory Board, World Café
  • Morning work session on the Digital Workplace, Geneva,  April, 2014
  • The Digital Workplace: Trends and Practices, E-cercle, Paris, March, 2014
  • IntraTeam Event, Copenhagen, February, 2014
  • European Enterprise 2.0 Summit, Paris, 11 – 12 February, 2014