Organizational Change

How far down the ladder is the intranet manager?

…… Part of The Basics series. First published in May 2009 ……

Raising senior management awareness of the role of the intranet is a key priority for lots of enterprises.

In preparation for this year’s Global Intranet Strategies survey, I did some preliminary pre-survey research with the members of the NetJMC & Co Linkedin group of intranet managers and asked them where they were placed in their organizations.

  • How far from the top of your organization is the first full time intranet person or team? In other words, how many levels under the CEO or top position?

“3 levels down from the CEO” was the most frequent response.

In my calculations to get this figure, I considered the CEO to be level 0, then counted down using the information in the answers. A number of people shared the reporting line in detail.

A couple people responded saying 2 levels down, saying that their manager reports directly to the CEO. Several more ranged from 4 to 6 levels down, but the majority were at 3.

Of course the interpretation of this depends on how hierarchical or flat the organization is. Three levels under the CEO may be quite high, or not very high at all!