Gig Mindset

Bold New Breed Podcast

16. eXtended reality increases engagement and learning
Mark Gröb, head of the Immersive Tech Center for UPS talks about how Virtual Reality and eXtended Reality can bring value to organizations and people in new ways most people have not yet realized.
15. Leading from the heart, a spiritual journey with a backpack
Marie Reig Florensa, valedictorian of the Berlin Creative Leadership Executive MBA program, talks about living your purpose as a spiritual journey with a backpack where the contents vary along your journey.
14. Leadership is taking the time, exercising the decision-making muscle, learning as you lead
Grégoire Charpe-Civatte, customer experience specialist, talks about how some companies are letting their decision-making muscle atrophy by out-sourcing strategic analysis and recommendations.
13. Orchestrating space to create competitive advantage
Guillaume Alvarez, Senior VP of Steelcase has a deep understanding of what is changing in organizations and the influence of space.
12. Waysfinding, complexity and opening spaces
Today we are in uncharted territory. Climate change, pandemic, social unrest.... Uncertainty and unpredictability off the charts. Making decisions in this context is new.
11. Surge capacity in our DNA for operations and knowledge
A wide-ranging conversation with Robin Vincent-Smith of Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) about surge capacity in operations and in the home office
10. Knowledge management means people management
Episode 10. Raûl Cano Argamasilla, Information & Knowledge Management Program Manager for the European Southern Observatory in Chile combines pragmatic and philosophical concepts to his work and to his life.
09. Chris Labonté, believer in the long life of books
Chris Labonté, veteran book publisher, talks about his first jobs on the front lines selling books to customers to his current situation as founder of Figure.1. A self-discovered gig mindsetter and strong believer in the future of hardback books in our digital age.
08. Florence Devouard on a mission for open knowledge
Florence Devouard, Wikipedia pioneer for 19 years and 2nd Chair of the Wikimedia Foundation following Jimmy Wales, talks to us about her life, her work in Africa – and about how having a gig mindset helped shape her sense of identity as an open knowledge advocate.
07. How can you make learning come alive?
Dany De Grave of Sanofi's R&D Digital Transformation talks about the "Learn, Apply, and Share" initiative, where learning is normal business, and not a question of going the extra mile
06. How to facilitate diversity and inclusion?
See how Decathlon is living diversity and inclusion in a global initiative that is built on local priorities.
05. Proactive resilience: how to win a race that has no finish line
A resilient person or organization can get through a crisis, but making it through once is not enough. Being resilient is a state of readiness. A way of acting a way of thinking. It’s proactive, not reactive.
04. How does Velcro management build flexibility and readiness?
Marni talks about Velcro Management: what it is, what it brought to their organization, and how to make it work for you – if you like the idea.
03. Willful blindness: what and why?
The difference between deviance and positive deviance is essential to understand. It one of the factors that triggers willful blindness.
02. Can internal civil disobedience wake up the gig mindset culture?
The gig mindset and the traditional mindset are very different, as much as dancing a waltz and doing the boogie, as you'll hear in the podcast!
01. Why is the bold new breed business critical?
The Bold New Breed of employee with a way of thinking and behaving like freelancers and independent gig workers. Except, they are inside organizations. They are business critical. Why?