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The Gig Mindset Advantage, A Bold New Breed

You can get a good idea of the Gig Mindset Advantage in the pages dedicated to the book.

You will see chapter summaries, “stories from the future “in the form of real life case studies where the gig mindset dimension is part of the work and people culture. You will also see what reviewers have said after reading the book.

See the article in the HBR: “How workers with a gig mindset can help your company thrive“.


See the gig mindset spread around the world

The recognition of the gig mindset inside organizations struck wide interest in people and organizations around the world. You can listen to online material from a month-long learning initiative organized in India that attracted a lot of listeners.

You can also enjoy two podcast/video interviews that went in two different directions from Aiden McCullen in Innovation Show and Af Malhotra in Straight Talk.

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I invite you to listen to the Bold New Breed podcast I produced last year. There are 16 episodes, each one from a gig mindsetter who is doing great things in their organization. You’ll find inspiration for sure! I did when I interviewed them.