18 years advising complex, global organizations. 12 years of research and reports. Expert and thought leader with a relentless focus on the why and the how.

Speaker and Management Briefer

My talks are thought-provoking and trigger new ways of thinking.

When I give private briefings to management about the organization in the digital age, I bring new ideas, data from my 12 years of research and stories and examples from 18 years of working with global organizations. I help management envisage how they can define actionable strategies and mobilize their organization. Examples of private briefings.


Researcher & Analyst

My annual surveys are used as a diagnostic tool by many participating organizations.

I have conducted annual surveys on the internal digital work environments of organizations since 2006. The 10th annual survey report was published in November 2016: The Organization in the Digital Age. Approximately 300 organizations participate each year. My foundational framework has become a reference point for organizations on their digital journeys. My current research is focused on the gig mindset inside organizations.

Advisor & Facilitator

From healthcare companies, to the UN Peacekeepers to worldwide industrial firms…I’ve collaborated with a wide range of organizations.

I have advised organizations in Europe and North America on their internal digital strategies for 18 years. I have conducted over 120 intranet/digital workplace projects for over 60 global organizations.


Over 20 years ago, I designed and co-authored the first non-technical book about internet and intranet published in France.

L’avantage Internet pour l’entreprise, published by business publisher Dunod, was reprinted twice. Since then, over the past twenty-some years, I’ve published in a variety of places in addition to my own blog, including the Harvard Business Review Digital and recently the MIT Sloan Management Review. More info here.

Where I live

In the Provencal garrigue, only 15 minutes from the magnificent Roman Pont du Gard.

Born in the United States, I have lived many years in France. I have dual nationality — American and French. I currently live in Provence, in a village with barely 1,000 inhabitants about 45 minutes by car from Avignon and only 15 minutes from the magnificent Roman Pont du Gard.