Over 20 years advising complex, global organizations. 12 years of research and reports. Expert and thought leader with a relentless focus on the why and the how.

Speaker and Management Briefer

My talks are thought-provoking and trigger new ways of thinking.

My private briefings to management are grounded in data from my 12 years of research as well as stories and examples from over 20 years of working with global organizations.  I help management envisage how they can define actionable strategies and mobilize their organization.

A briefing is designed after an initial telephone conversation. I do not have packaged topics, and prefer to put together customized talks depending on the specific needs of the organization. Topics are based on themes of leadership in the digital age, how to define actionable strategies, challenges and overcoming them, work cultures and technology, and making work more human in a global company.

When possible, I include short, intense, interactive activities that help the group clarify and focus on what is relevant for the organization.

Examples of private briefings.

Researcher & Analyst

My annual surveys are used as a diagnostic tool by many participating organizations.

I have conducted annual surveys on the internal digital work environments of organizations since 2006. The 10th annual survey report was published in November 2016: The Organization in the Digital Age. Approximately 300 organizations participate each year. My foundational framework has become a reference point for organizations on their digital journeys. My current research is focused on the gig mindset inside organizations.

Advisor & Facilitator

From healthcare companies, to the UN Peacekeepers to worldwide industrial firms…I’ve collaborated with a wide range of organizations.

I have advised organizations in Europe and North America on their internal digital strategies for over 20 years. I have conducted over 120 intranet/digital workplace projects for over 60 global organizations.

I created and facilitate a membership-based workgroup of managers in global companies who are involved in digital transformation, learning, leadership and bringing change within their respective organizations. Some of the workshops take place in Paris. Many take place online, and involve managers from different countries. The working languages of the group are French and English. More information can be found on the dedicated website. There you can see the programs for the last nine years: 2019,  2018,  20172016201520142013 et 2012.

« This group is a safe environment where I can share my experience and hurdles with other high quality peers willing to help and offer constructive ideas and points of view. » Responsable Innovation – secteur services aux entreprise

« ….This group provides that first circle of contacts allowing us to build relationships and follow progress in other organizations. …. the supply of ideas and inspiration is constant. »  Digital Transformation & Collaboration Leader – University of a global industrial company.


Over 25 years ago, I designed and co-authored the first non-technical book about internet and intranet published in France.

L’avantage Internet pour l’entreprise, published by business publisher Dunod, was reprinted twice. Since then, over the past twenty-some years, I’ve published in a variety of places in addition to my own blog, including the Harvard Business Review Digital and the MIT Sloan Management Review. More info here.

Where I live

In the Provencal garrigue, only 15 minutes from the magnificent Roman Pont du Gard.

Born in the United States, I have lived many years in France. I have dual nationality — American and French. I currently live in Provence, in a village with barely 1,000 inhabitants about 45 minutes by car from Avignon and only 15 minutes from the magnificent Roman Pont du Gard.