12 Years of Research On Organizations in the Digital Age

Current Research 2018: The Gig Mindset Inside Organizations

My current research started in early 2018 is focused on the mindsets of individuals, and the mindset of their organizations.  I’m looking into what I call the “gig mindset” and how it compares to a traditional mindset: advantages, risks, opportunities for people inside organizations and for the organizations themselves.

I’m exploring how the gig mindset can increase organizational resilience, innovation and longevity.

Read more here: Gig Mindset Research: Background,  The Gig Mindset is Growing Inside Organizations, Do You Have A Gig Mindset?

From 2007 through 2017: 10 Years of Annual Reports

The Publication of the 10th Annual Report

I have conducted annual surveys since 2006 about the internal digital work environment in organizations. Approximately 300 organizations around the world participate. The links below will take you to more detailed information. Contact me if you have any questions.

There are two reports available in 2017, one a short version and the other a full version.

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The Foundational Framework

The Foundational Framework was defined in 2013 . There were three purposes:

  1. Enable management and practitioners to understand how people and organizational characteristics are critical, even important than technology, as we move deeper into the digital age.
  2. Facilitate self-assessment of digital maturity from the internal perspective by underlining the fact that digital inside impacts digital outside. A digitally-savvy workforce is a pre-requisite for success in the business world today.
  3. Provide a framework and food for thought when people are defining priorities and action areas within their organization.

The 9 Dimensions of the Framework

People + Workplace + Technology, with people placed first!

A 3-level Maturity Scale

From Starting to Developing to Maturing.

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Why a Decade of Research and What People Say

The overriding purpose of my 10-year long research has been to provide annual checkpoints for people involved in digital transformation of organizations. Read more, and see testimonials about the reports.

Scope of the Research

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