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Who is steering your digital workplace?

…… Part of The Basics series. First published in March 2011 ……

Who makes the strategic decisions about your digital workplace? Who “owns” the intranet or digital workplace in your company?

  1. Communication
  2. Communication and IT
  3. Communication, IT and HR
  4. The above plus Business

If you answer number 4, you’re at the leading edge of companies that are transforming their intranets into business enabling platforms. You are most likely in Model C or D of the digital workplace snapshots I published a few weeks ago.

I polled 9 global companies a few days ago asking them “Who owns your intranet or digital workplace?”. Their responses are shown on the chalkboard below:

Leading companies are implementing holistic approaches to governance. Intranet “management” is evolving to digital workplace “leadership” and intranet teams are becoming digital teams. This is more than replacing the word “intranet” with the word “digital”. It represents fundamentally different ways of working.

Where is your organization on this chart?