x-Early Perspectives

Where is the intranet buzz?

…… Part of The Basics series. First published in December 2010 ……

I took a short breather after publishing Global Intranet Trends for 2011 in early November. I then had an intense series of conferences and client engagements. Over the last 6 weeks, I have found the same issues being raised in many different organizations:

  • How do we handle social media internally, in particular social networking?
  • What impact does this have on the traditional intranet? Does it make it irrelevant? Does it transform it?
  • Why is there so much buzz around “social” and none around the intranet itself?

Social meets governance

My speaking engagements and client work over the last 6 weeks have provided me with lots of food for thought:

– At JBoye Aarhus 10 (Denmark) I did a workshop on “The social dimension of intranets: the challenge of governance and management”.

– On the intranet track the following day I spoke about “Do intranets really mean business?”.

– In Stockholm, I keynoted Nästa generation Intranät talking about “Social Intranets and Governance”. It was more of a large, interactive workshop than a keynote. For 2 hours I presented and discussed with the 60 or 70 intranet people in the room.

– In Paris, I presided the Rencontre Internationale des Reponsables Intranet for the 5th year. My short introduction “Tendances et réalités des intranets” was followed by an intense 2-day series of practitioner case studies.

Three of my on-going client engagements deal with these issues:

  • What are we trying to govern? The intranet or the digital workplace?
  • What should be the scope of the high-level steering committee?
  • How do you handle governance issues in very large, global enterprises where there is a lot of autonomy and local initiatives, both in the traditional intranet space and the social media space?

Is your intranet losing its buzz?

My following posts will cover the following topics. I hope they will in part address the issue of why intranets seem to be losing their edge in many organizations.

  • An intranet case study that stunned the audience
  • Principles for social governance as defined by a workshop
  • The most striking knowledge-sharing initiative I have encountered so far
  • The expanding, morphing intranet