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Where did search go?

…… First published in September 2016 ……

When I saw the data on the chart below, my first reaction was to ask “Where did search go?” Both enterprise search and social search are at the bottom of the list. Why? Responses on the chart show the percentage of respondents who said “available organization-wide” and “available in some parts”.

Maybe Search is just too hard to do well. So we focus instead on the fun stuff—the things that make media buzz.

As I’ll show you later, these deployment figures are just the beginning. What really matters is how they impact work practices—as individuals, as teams and across the organization. In the meantime, here’s the chart. The full descriptions for each item follow.

The list of capabilities explored in the survey:

  • Sharing information and knowledge directly via blogs, wikis, “internal Twitter-like tools”, or similar
  • Commenting, reacting, liking on official news, published information and content
  • Real-time communication, e.g. web conferencing, presence indicators, instant messaging, or similar
  • Sharing mediag. uploading, commenting photos, videos and audio
  • Sync and share (accessing and sharing files) anytime, anywhere from different devices
  • Co-creating content collaboratively in wikis, team spaces, enterprise social networks or in a “corporate-pedias”.
  • Internal crowd sourcing and developing ideas through online ideation/innovation technology solutions, enterprise jams, or similar
  • Finding people and expertise based on information people themselves have provided in directories, social profiles, etc.
  • Enterprise search that indexes data and documents from a wide variety of sources across the organization
  • Social search across conversations, blogs, social networks and other informal user-generated content in the organization