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We Need a Better Global Balance!

After 30 days, we can see some geographical participation trends in my new “Mindsets and Organizations” survey. (

  • The “Anglo countries” are taking the lead in number of participants: US and Australia.
  • Geographical Europe is under represented with the UK and Switzerland in the lead. (That’s why I say “geographical Europe” :-))
  • To my surprise my own home country is lagging: France.
  • And Denmark and Sweden  have not kicked in yet!

Of course, summer vacations are spread in different phases over the months of July and August, so I expect to see this balance evolve.

Please get involved, and take 20 minutes to do the survey. It’s focused on understanding the gig mindset and the traditional mindset and how they impact the workplace.

Here’s the link, and feel free to share it:

If you’d like to do a customized mindset snapshot with your team, department entire organizations, check out this page: