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Twitter inside the enterprise

…… Part of The Basics series. First published in April 2009 ……

“Twitter makes altruism the work of a few seconds”. This is a quote from Andrew McAfee’s blog post ““17 Things we Used to Do”. Maybe “altruism” is not the right word for enterprises, but the spirit of the word is definitely right on.

Andrew concludes his post with: “I think it’s important …. to keep in mind that not all exchanges are governed by incentives, mutual benefit, or economic rationality. Sometimes they’re governed by simple neighborliness, and Twitter is an awfully big neighborhood.”

An enterprise is also “an awfully big neighbourhood” or should be!

I am still surprised that Twitter has not made a bigger entry into the enterprise neighbourhood. The data from the Global Intranet Strategies Survey from 2008 revealed that only 15 percent of the enterprises at Stage 3 (most advanced) intranets say that they are “testing” micro-blogging or “implementing it in some parts of the organisation”. Zero % have optimised it or extended it to “general use”.

Five percent of the enterprises with intranets at Stage 1 (least mature) are testing it, with 95 percent saying they are not considering it.

I expect the numbers to increase significantly this year. I sure hope they do!

Any of you out there with “Twitter behind the firewall” stories to share?

And, by the way, I should NOT be saying “behind the firewall”. That’s a concept that is changing rapidly as organisations are finally saying (out loud) that a lot of their project work involves external people, and that employees and external partners need to share information and therefore information systems.

So, any of you out there with “Twitter to help us do our jobs” stories to share?