x-Early Perspectives

Topics for 2009 research

…… Part of The Basics series. First published in August 2017 ……

What topics would you like to see covered in this year’s survey?

I’m collecting feedback and will be doing a first draft of the questions in a month or so. I’ve had requests to cover the following points:

  • How are companies using employees data (for security, or filtering, or organizational chart, or not at all) and how do they maintain the accuracy of the data (on-line self service, or form based workflow, or phones, or paper).
  • Which processes do intranets support: core business and/or secondary support processes? Can an intranet be essential for an organization if the core business processes are handled in other systems?
  • What are companies’ strategies for portal entry pages / home pages? Are they news-based or do they offer customized workplaces? Are they more global or more local in terms of the content?
  • Information resides in multiple systems such as ERP, Product Lifecycle Management system, Document management systems, and all kinds of other systems. How much of this information is accessible from the intranet? What kinds of systems feed the intranet with information – is that primarily enterprise systems, specialist systems or the intranet itself? What kind of information is accessible, and for what use?
  • How diverse is the intranet, especially in large organisations with multiple divisions, subsidaries and business areas? What kind of governance and operational management have organizations implemented? How is it working?
  • How do companies handle the relatively new concept of “my page” or “my site”? What type of governance has been put into place.

Are the points above relevant for you? What else would you like to see included? Thank you for your input. The survey is intended to serve the needs of the participating organizations, so please share what’s on your mind.