Gig Mindset

The Survey


  • “The survey from Jane McConnell on changing attitudes to work and the “gig mindset” is the best 15 mins you’ll spend on the Internet.”
  • “Thank you for this survey and letting me be aware of the gig mindset. New perspective to think about organizational culture.”

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The Global Advisory Board

My Partners on the Path

Whenever I do research, as I have annually since 2006, I start by creating a global Advisory Board. This ensures a diverse perspective on the topic. The gig mindset was no different!

See the faces here!

Off we went, in long online conversations, figuring out what we wanted to learn.

  • How does the gig mindset differ from a traditional approach to work?
  • Is it just a question of nuance, of degree, or are there real, meaningful differences?
  • Does management resist or embrace it?
  • Does it help or harm individual career development?
  •  Does it build resilience, and trigger innovation inside the organization?
  • Or on the other hand, does it create disorder and increase risk?

The Framework

With the help of the Global Advisory Board, I defined eight behaviors with two extremes: traditional mindset versus gig mindset.

You can see the framework here.

297 Participants Worldwide

The first phase of the research involved 297 people from around the world. A healthy balance between countries and continents.  Next time around, I want to get more from Latin America and Africa.

See the global participation here.