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Navigating the Gig and Traditional Mindset Polarity

My research has identified 8 behaviors that characterize traditional and gig mindsets.   If you scan the list of traditional behaviors, the left column on the chart, you’ll see that most organizations strongly enforce this way of doing things. Processes, roles and management practices are aligned to the traditional way of working. Gig mindset behaviors, the right column, are rarely encouraged, and sometimes even sanctioned. The challenge we are facing is that organizations need both mindsets. (more…)

Hurdling organisational barriers – political or project suicide?

…… Part of The Basics series. First published in September 2008 ……

I chatted with 2 intranet professionals today: by telephone with an intranet manager in a global organisation headquartered in Europe, and through online chat with a usability consultancy based in Russia.

The more you talk with people around the world, the more you realise things are the same everywhere. (more…)