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Seeding an entrepreneurial work culture

…… The original, longer version of this post was published on October 31, 2016 on the Global Peter Drucker Forum Blog. First published here in February 2017 …… Experimentation and creativity have long been stifled in many organizations. Command-and-control leadership, overly complex processes and slow decision-making are among the reasons for this unfortunate state. Data from my 10th annual research with 310 participants in 27 countries confirm this:

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The Company Cultures That Help (or Hinder) Digital Transformation

…… Originally published on the Global Peter Drucker Forum Blog and on the Harvard Business Review in August 2015 …… Many companies struggle with digital transformation. It goes against the grain of established ways of working and is a threat to management practices that have existed for decades. Digital tools free people throughout the organization to share information easily. Communication managers no longer have total control over message, target, and timing of news and announcements. Horizontal and bottom-up information flows become stronger at the expense of the traditional top-down.

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