Researcher & Analyst


I have conducted annual surveys on the internal digital work environments of organizations since 2006. The 10th annual survey report was published in November 2016: The Organization in the Digital Age.

Approximately 300 organizations participate each year.

The survey itself is used as a diagnostic tool by many participating organizations. My foundational framework has become a reference point for organizations on their digital journeys.

“Jane is doing very solid and interesting work in an arena that needs constant attention. I’ve always believed that technology is the easy part. Organizations are what need reinvention and Jane is well in the forefront of leading this scientific revolution.”

Jessica Lipnack, pioneer in networks and virtual organizations, co-author with Jeffrey Stamps of Networking (Doubleday), Virtual Teams (Wiley) and other works. Her landmark Harvard Business Review article, “Can Absence Make a Team Grow Stronger?”, written with two business school professors, is included in “HBR’s 10 Must Reads on Teams.”