Gig Mindset

Reader Profiles and What to Expect from the Book

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Reader profiles and what to expect from the book
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Gig mindset traits explored in the research
Checklists: questions to consider (pragmatic and strategic)

Profile 1. Individual perspective from inside an organization

  • You will see whre you are on the gig-traditional spectrum and how you can develop more gig-mindset traits, as part of a personal risk management strategy.
  • You will gain a sense of identity, thereby legitimacy, as you work in gig-mindset ways that may have previously caused you problems.
  • You will see examples and practical ideas that will help you, as a gig-mindsetter, to overcome obstacles and succeed in bringing positive impact to your organization.
  • You will be better able to conceptualize and verbalize your contribution to the organization because it may not fall into normal HR categories.

Profile 2. Department, team and community managers

  • You will learn how to create conditions for your people to build resilience in themselves as well as within the organization.
  • You will discover new ways to facilitate learning and sharing within teams and groups.
  • You will see guidelines to consider about how you can help your teams become more autonomous and responsible.
  • You will understand the benefits of working out loud and see how to organize it.

Profile 3. Senior managers and leaders

  • You will learn how to develop a personalized narrative around the gig mindset for internal communication.
  • You will see strategic guidance to be considered, along with examples of organizational practices to build a work culture that cultivates the gig mindset.
  • You will discover a method for navigating the polarities of the gig mindset versus the traditional mindset in order to achieve a flexible, appropriate balance. This will be invaluable as you work to propagate the gig mindset in your organization.
  • Most importantly, you will see how gig mindset behaviors and attitudes can become part of your own personal leadership style.