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Pre-survey Quick Poll: Is the intranet becoming a workplace?

…… Part of The Basics series. First published in May 2009 ……

The 5-minute Quick Poll for 2009 gave intranet managers the opportunity to vote on the topics they would most like to see explored in the 2009 Global Intranet Strategies Survey. Managers from 165 different organizations around the world indicated which subjects on a list of 20 were “highly relevant”, “moderately relevant” or “less relevant at this time”.

The top 5 priorities all lean towards work and business this year…

  1. Collaboration, communities, virtual teams: tools & technologies, governance” is the topic that leads by far this year. It came in at 71 percent of the organizations rating it as “highly relevant”, a 10 point lead over the other topics.
  2. Positioning and role of the intranet in the online workplace” is a strategic issue, and not at all obvious for most organizations. It’s not surprising this came number 2 on the top priorities.
  3. “Senior management awareness, participation & support” is still an on-going issue, and is in position 3 on the list of “highly relevant” topics.
  4. Obstacles holding back the intranet from achieving its potential” is in 4th position. This topic has been part of the survey for the last 3 years and analysis based comparing obstacles faced by organizations with intranets in Stages 1, 2 and 3 has provided a number of leads as to what to deal with and when as the intranet advances through the different stages.
  5. Measurement & evaluation: ROI (hard & soft), techniques, indicators” is in position 5 on the list. Interestingly, it did not even make the top 10 topics.

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Flashback to one year ago…

The two main different items in the top 5 topics a year ago are items 1 and 4 below:

  1. Search & findability: user features, resources, satisfaction
  2. Roles of the intranet/portal as perceived by employees & management
  3. Obstacles holding back the intranet from achieving its potential.
  4. Web 2.0 tools & features: usages, issues
  5. Single point of entry: integration of applications, other enterprise information resources.
  6. (same rating as point 5) Finding people: directories, expertise locators

What’s next?

Many thanks to all of you who participated in the Quick Poll. The survey itself will open in June.