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Organizations are getting serious about intranets

…… Part of The Basics series. First published in May 2010 ……

What do organizations care about right now when it comes to intranets?

The results of this year’s 5-minute pre-survey quick poll show that organizations want to know about new ways of working & how intranets will evolve, the social/people dimension, decision-making & governance, and business impact & measurement.

Intranets are clearly  gaining strategic territory in organizations.

205 organizations participated in the pre-survey poll, including over half the participants from last year’s survey. The purpose of the poll was to confirm and refine the topics planned the 5th  annual Global Intranet Strategies Survey which will open in the second part of June. People were asked to rate the topics as “highly relevant for us”, “moderately relevant” or “less or not relevant for us at this time”.

Eighteen topics on the proposed list were rated “highly relevant to us” by 50 % or more of the Quick Poll participants.

Structuring the workplace web, preparing the future: 70 % say “highly relevant”.

  • Collaboration – wikis, discussion forums (Implemented or planned, purposes, satisfaction)
  • How do the following fit in? business apps, HR & admin apps, collaborative spaces
  • What do you imagine the intranet (or the workplace web) to be in 3 to 4 years?
  • How do you expect the way of working in your organization to evolve over the next 3 to 4 years?

Leadership, ownership and connecting people: over 60 % say “highly relevant”.

  • Senior management awareness, participation, support
  • Ownership & roles in the intranet
  • Employee voice – blogs, micro-messaging “twitter-like”, commenting, rating, tagging (Implemented or planned, purposes, satisfaction)
  • Connecting – social networks, personal pages  (Implemented or planned, purposes, satisfaction)

Strategy & governance, business impact & measurement: over 50 % say “highly relevant”.

  • Strategy drivers / strategic principles
  • Obstacles and challenges
  • Governance issues specific to the social dimension of intranets
  • Decision-making in the workplace web (intranet, collaboration, social)
  • Policies or guidelines: what types, how enforced
  • Business impact & measurement (of the social dimension of intranets)
  • Measurement & evaluation (intranet overall)

New roles for stakeholders, new emphasis on users: over 50 % also say “highly relevant”.

  • How communication, IT and HR roles are evolving
  • Existence of overall user experience strategy
  • Availability of the intranet to employees: mobile, home access, blue collar

The Quick Poll closed yesterday (5 May) and many thanks to all participants.