Open Letter to Students

I’m often contacted by students who request reduced price to purchase my reports. In the past, I have offered reduced prices to students, and, unfortunately, have the feeling the report goes into a black hole: I never hear back and never have the opportunity to see the resulting research papers.

For this year’s report I have a different approach.

I am happy to offer a reduced price of 50%, possibly more, but first I would like to know about your work and your context before providing you with the coupon code.

Please send me a message or email with the following information:

  • Your full name, your email and your country of residence.
  • The name of your school/university and the postal address.
  • The name of a reference professor/instructor at your school and the person’s email.
  • If you are working as an intern, the name of the company as well as the name and email of the person supervising your internship.
  • The topic or subject of your research.
  • A short description of other sources and materials you are also consulting.
  • A short statement of why you think The Organization in the Digital Age report will be useful to you.

If you live or work in a place or in circumstances where the price reduced by 50% is still too high, please explain your context and we will come to a satisfactory arrangement.

Student reductions: 250 EUR instead of 500 EUR, 275 USD instead of 550 USD, 225 GBP instead of 450 GBP

Looking forward to hearing from many of you!

Jane McConnell