Governance & Process

Moving towards a social, collaborative digital workplace

…… Part of The Basics series. First published in January 2012 ……

Is your intranet eco-system is exploding in all directions? Is there a land grab between IT and Communication for the social media hat? Does your enterprise social network compete with your intranet? If so, you need to figure out what to do first and how to do it.

7 questions for digital workplace leaders

  1. What is the scope and what are the goals of your digital workplace?
  2. Do your global banner and  global navigation help breakdown silos in the digital workplace?
  3. Is your  start page aligned to your scope and goals?
  4. How do you use community management to bring your digital workplace alive?
  5. How do you get stakeholders to integrate social collaboration into their processes?
  6. What kind of guidelines and support do you offer coworkers?
  7. Who is (or should be) on your Digital Board and what is their responsibility?

Start anywhere. Don’t wait for “the strategy”!

Every organization will have different answers to these questions. You can attack any one of these points fairly independently of the others. Ideally you start with point 1 but that’s not always possible. With imagination and perseverance, you can make headway on whatever point seems to be your best way forward.