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More people + more countries = more global!

I’m pushing to reach the same level of survey participation in 2021 as we had in 2018.

I realize people are preoccupied these days with many challenges.

However, a number of people have told me they think the gig mindset has increased along with a gig-mindset oriented work culture. They say this is due, in part, to the pandemic and lock-down which resulted in working virtually from home more than in the past. Is this the case for most people? Is this exceptional?

The 2018 survey (along with many one-on-one interviews) led to the writing of The Gig Mindset Advantage.

The 2021 survey specifically asks questions about how the lock-down has or has not impacted the mindset in the workplace.

We will be able to learn a lot once we compare the 2018 and 2021 data sets, along with the many contributions survey participants generously add in comments.

So please get involved, and invest 20 minutes to share your experience and opinion.

Thank you!