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Media are becoming more individual and people-driven, according to Mary Meeker. The enterprise world is following.

In her 2017 Internet Trends report, Mary Meeker shares an analysis of how media has evolved since 1950, moving from the network era to the cable era and to the current digital era.

I was struck by the similarity with my predictions from 2009 about the evolution of the internal digital work environment. It’s clear we are moving – externally and internally – to more individualistic and personally controlled environments – in both entertainment and work life.

We have seen that the People-Centric workplace orientation – out of the four future scenarios proposed – grew the most between 2011 and 2017. We’ve made the most progress here, but there’s still a long way to go: 20% say “well on our way”, 40% started working on this” and 20% are piloting/experimenting.

How people-centric is your organization’s workplace?

I explored opportunities and risks in the People-Centric orientation in a workshop recently. What is your experience?

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For reference this is clipped from Mary Meeker’s report (page 176).