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“Management and stakeholders” reinforced in new Digital Workplace chart

…… Part of The Basics series. First published in March 2012 ……

This is version 2 of “Points to include when building a Digital Workplace”, originally published February 20. Read the original post here to get the full picture. The basic idea is that the Digital Workplace has many dimensions. You must start wherever you have openings. Things must happen in parallel. A traditional linear project approach will not work. This V2  diagram is the result of discussion following the first version as well as lots of conversations in person and by email with other people.

The “Management and stakeholders” angle has been further developed:

  • “Business alignment” has been pulled out of “vision” and emphasized by making it a bullet point of its own
  • “Integrating social into enterprise processes” has been strengthened by adding “business and support functions”
  • “Aligning KPIs and DW” and “Management: active involvement” have been added

On the “Building blocks” a single but important item has been added:

  • “Evaluation strategies and tools: metrics, indicators”

Many thanks to those who contributed ideas and comments.

Spontaneous momentum is outpacing controlled, linear projects

The speed of evolution of intranets has picked up. Companies I work with and many I observe are working faster than before. Change in workforce behavior is outpacing controlled, linear projects in many places. Project planners are taking into account the existence of multiple social initiatives throughout the company. Project managers need to build on this spontaneous momentum, work on several fronts simultaneously, and not be afraid of giving up some control.

Christy Hahn (Director of Creative Services at a very large financial services company) expresses it well (in the comments following the original post):

“This (post) is very timely, as we’re in ‘fast forward’ mode with the evolution of a digital workplace. Because of the pace, it’s essential that all three “buckets” are happening in tandem. I appreciate the way you’ve captured and categorized the key components of the digital workplace because they reflect how much effort goes into this type of transition…”