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Make social collaboration real: 3 recommendations

…… Part of The Basics series. First published in October 2013 ……

I participated in the October Enterprise 2.0 Meet-up in Paris, organized by Björn Negelmann as part of the preparation for the Enterprise 2.0 Summit which will take place in Paris February  2014.

My short presentation triggered good conversation. My main points are that in the (distant) future, “social collaboration” will become the natural way of working and we will no longer talk about it as something special. We are far from that point today. I shared figures from Digital Workplace Trends 2013 (published last January) and from “Manifesto for ‘self expression’ inside organizations“.

My 3 key recommendations, based on my work with clients are:

  1. Establish a sense of urgency (ref: John Paul Kotter)
  2. Empower people. Define minimal guidelines, then work in the spirit of “freedom within a framework”.
  3. Make it real – give it flesh and bones – especially for management (who needs to be convinced) through the creation of persona and showing how social collaborative capabilities can make work more efficient and effective – for people, business, clients and the organization.