Learning on the upswing? Check out the gig mindset survey.

I saw a change about “learning” that startled me in my 1st glance at the data from the on-going gig mindset survey.

I was disappointed. I had expected much more. Especially in our current remote working context where information is shared in a more permanent form (video, text) than previously (verbally, F2F meetings).

The combined percentages of people who agreed or strongly agreed that “it is easy to learn in the natural flow of work” increased by only 5 % between 2018 and 2021.

But, the strongly-agree percentage has gone from 21% (2018) to 36% (2021). That more like it!


Temporary results

Remember, the survey is only mid way. It does not close until March 12. So the numbers above may change. Let’s hope they go up!

Participate – it only takes 15 to 20 minutes – and you’ll get a copy of the final report.
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