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Intranet Checklist for a health crisis

…… Part of The Basics series. First published in July 2009 ……

Originally titled: “Intranet Checklist for the Flu Pandemic”

With enterprises preparing their plans in case of a flu pandemic this fall, now is the time to get your intranet ready.
If you haven’t started yet, you’ll barely have time to make it before the flu hits according to predictions in many countries, including where I live. I strongly recommend you give the checklist below to your intranet sponsor or CEO. Make sure they know how much the intranet can help your organization get through this crisis about to happen.

Business critical checklist:

1. Can staff access the intranet from home?

2. Do you have on line collaboration spaces and tools in place so that teams can continue to work?

3. Is your senior management team ready (psychologically and technically) to communicate to staff via blogs and on line chats?

4. Have you set up extranets or other online solutions with your key clients and your key partners so that you can continue doing business?

5. Have you equipped all your managers with smart phones?

6. Do you have the means to send urgent messages to all managers? (text messages, twitter channel, …)

7. Are your critical HR processes on line so that staff can carry out their basic administrative needs without coming in to the office?

Very important checklist:

8. Do staff have access to real-time chat tools for their daily communication needs?

9 Are you preparing training materials in the form of podcasts and videocasts so that new employees can get up to speed fast?

10. Have you started communicating with staff about the possibility of having to work from home or work in circumstances where our normal communication around the coffee machine may not longer be the norm for a while?