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I’ve published over 300 articles since 2006 on topics around the digital work environment in organizations and am working on getting them all tagged.

The lost art of reading, the lost art of writing

I just finished my 3rd Briefing Note of 2019 which I entitled: The lost art of reading, the lost art of writing. Pessimistic? Yes, but that’s the reality I see around. I included notes about Alan Rusbridger’s new book: Breaking News. The Remaking of Journalism and Why It Matters Now. I’ve been a fan of Rusbridger ever since I read Play It Again. An Amateur Against the Impossible. I wrote about it in 2014: What we can learn from a newspaper (and it’s not the news) I’m running late on my Briefing Notes, and I”ll just blame my book project for that, but it’s no excuse!  

“Internal Politics and Digital Initiatives” Slide Deck

Here are the slides used during the webinar I did with MITSloan in July 2018. The attendees had lots of good questions and I’m writing up the ones there was no time to answer. Stay tuned!

A Living Vision

The living vision means our vision is how we are living today, how we work and interact with people around us. I was inspired by Sonja Blignaut who recently wrote: “What if we saw vision not as a determined end state we need to achieve, but as a co-created, evolving pattern we are living in that informs every decision and interaction in the now.”

Insights and Guidance

The best vision in the world is worthless unless you can build an actionable strategy. The articles, case studies, how-to and practical guidance in this section will help you see how you can transform your vision into an actionable strategy and make it really happen.