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The best vision in the world is worthless unless you can build an actionable strategy.

The articles, case studies, how-to and practical guidance in this section will help you see how you can transform your vision into an actionable strategy and make it really happen.

A section of guidance articles to get you started

Guidance: Building an Entrepreneurial Work Culture

Going social? Don’t create needs. Respond to existing ones.

3 keys to social collaboration with business value

What future for HR?

Manifesto: Go for it!

Does knowledge walk when people walk?

Tips For Working With a Strategic Facilitator

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Insights, for more inspiration

Neutralize Internal Politics in Digital Initiatives

BYOD and High-Performing Companies

The Inclusive Organization and the Reachability Factor

Juggling priorities? Five perspectives.

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Interviews & Cases

Alice Obrecht on Innovation and the Success-Fail Spectrum, author and specialist, on effective innovation in humanitarian contexts.

Haydn Shaughnessy on Platforms and Ecosystems

Air Liquide: Focus on People, not Tools: Making people the focus of transformation and building a digital workplace to be a framework for the future.

NMCRS: Transformation in a Fluid Organization: Codifying knowledge as policy and process to ensure portability and application in different contexts.

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