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I’ve published over 300 articles since 2006 on topics around the digital work environment in organizations.

Webinar: Don’t Let Politics Block Your Digital Initiatives

I’m doing a webinar Thursday July 12 at 11:00 a.m. EDT, 17:00 CEST, 8:00 a.m. PDT. It’s organized by MIT Sloan Management Review. SIGN UP USING THIS LINK. Even if you’re not free on the 12th, you can see the on-demand recording later.

A Living Vision

The living vision means our vision is how we are living today, how we work and interact with people around us. I was inspired by Sonja Blignaut who recently wrote: “What if we saw vision not as a determined end state we need to achieve, but as a co-created, evolving pattern we are living in that informs every decision and interaction in the now.”

Insights and Guidance

The best vision in the world is worthless unless you can build an actionable strategy. The articles, case studies, how-to and practical guidance in this section will help you see how you can transform your vision into an actionable strategy and make it really happen.

Juggling priorities? Five perspectives.

Revised version of the post first published in July 2014. Competing priorities is a tough challenge for most organizations. “Competing priorities” has been at the top of the list of “obstacles that hold us back” for several years in my annual studies. How to get around it? A digital workplace has 5 types of stakeholders, each with a unique perspective complementary to the others. Taking the time to investigate these 5 perspectives will help you see more clearly and formulate priority statements founded on evidence.


Management Briefings My private briefings to management are grounded in data from my 10 years of research as well as stories and examples from 18 years of working with global organizations. 

Paris Digital Workgroup Leader

IntraNETWORK is a membership-based workgroup of managers in global companies who are involved in the digital transformation of their respective organizations. The workshops take place in Paris. The working language of the group is French, although we frequently work in English. The group meets from 8 to 10 times a year for half-day work sessions, each one structured around a theme, a digital visit or a special guest.

10th Edition Table of Contents

The report has 106 pages, data charts and tables, and includes extensive case studies and interviews. See the list with short descriptions of the cases and interviews. Read the table of contents here for both versions.