How to kill an intranet

…… Part of The Basics series. First published in July 2009 ……

Four easy steps if you’d like to bring sudden death to your intranet. This is a real story from the trenches. Sent to me by an intranet manager who prefers to remain anonymous.

  1. Remove or redeploy the intranet team, and put external communications in charge.
  2. Stop training authors.
  3. Turn the home page into a flashy news tool with lots of fancy widgets.
  4. Remove all user feedback mechanisms from the home page.

All I can say is RIP (rest in peace) as in the old westerns.

Maybe John Wayne will come riding back into town and save everything! Or maybe management will come to their senses.

Thank you, my anonymous friend, for this real life example, and let’s hope very few others follow this path.