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How many platforms in your digital workplace?

…… Part of The Basics series. First published in March 2016 …..

A knowledge practitioner in a global insurance company asked me the following:

“Now that we’ve seen some maturity of social business platforms, and increased appetite for these type of interactions within companies, how would you characterize the interest and operationalization of more traditional content, document and knowledge management?

… Specifically, I have yet to see a social platform that adequately “manages” content with more advanced content services, so I’m of the mind – at least right now – that an intranet needs to be comprised of a “tool set”.  Some tools will enable social business and collaboration activities, while others handle the more complex and disciplined content management needs. What are you seeing other companies doing, and what’s your opinion on the subject?”

My response?

The single magic solution is on the way out. Ecosystems are the longterm platform vision for digitally maturing companies.

Data show that most organizations are aiming for ecosystems of tools and platforms, and not trying to do everything with a single platform.

The chart compares the platform strategies of digitally maturing organizations and the majority of organizations. The data are based on 300 organizations that participated in the Organization in the Digital Age survey. (Data collected Q4 2014, report published Q2 2015)

What is your long-term digital workplace platform vision?

  • We aim to have a coordinated, digital ecosystem made up of different platforms and services.
  • We aim to have a two primary platforms, one for managed and one for social collaboration.
  • We aim to have one comprehensive solution that includes most platforms and services.
  • We do not have a long-term vision.

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