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Governance & Process – Top 10 Articles

This page offers you an overview of the top 10 articles I’ve written about governance and process.

Neutralize Internal Politics in Digital Initiatives

What holds many companies back from making progress in digital initiatives has little to do with technology — and a lot to do with human nature. Most internal political conflicts, however, can be mitigated by a careful, systematic approach to defining, structuring, and deploying large-scale initiatives. More here including four guidelines.

Juggling Priorities: Five Perspectives

“Competing priorities” has been at the top of the list of “obstacles that hold us back” for several years in my annual studies. How to get around it? A digital workplace has 5 types of stakeholders, each with a unique perspective complementary to the others. Taking the time to investigate these 5 perspectives will help you see more clearly and formulate priority statements founded on evidence.

Tips For Working With a Strategic Facilitator

I have worked as a strategy facilitator in the field of “internal digital work environments” for 17 years. My clients have often told me they work with me because “you’re not a consultant.” Here are my tips to clients and to consultants..

Digital Workplace in Brief: What People Need

This article will help you make conversations in your organization easier. We are in an area where technology, organizational politics and business objectives converge, and sometimes collide. Clarifying what you are talking about is the first step to coming to agreements when it comings to defining your digital workplace: what people need and how the pieces fit together.

Tips For the Digital Workplace Start Page

The start page was one of the hardest things to define in the “old intranet”. In today’s fast-changing “digital workplace” it is getting a lot harder. The start page must:

  1. Make a promise about what people will find when they open the door
  2. Project the values of the organization
  3. Speak to all people

See what is involved

Is Business Steering Your Digital Workplace?

When defining or renewing the intranet, the genuine business presence is nearly always missing. There are lots of excuses for this, but if it is your case, the intranet is probably not serving business. Strategic governing groups need direct and active business presence.There are no alternatives to this. Here are some suggestions for getting business involved the right way.

Choosing the Right Digital Board Model

A high-level, strategic Digital Board has three areas of responsibility: decision-making, coordination and leadership. Two fundamentally different models exist for a Digital Board, each with a unique approach to the “who” and the “how” of high-level governance.


Networked Governance – Operational & Practical 

5 key success criteria. Create a “networked governance” with no black holes. Involve users from day one. Play the local management trump card. Deploy operationally, not organizationally. Propose practical, decision-making tools. Read more details here.

3 Ways to Bring Coherence to the Intranet Ecosystem

Intranet managers responsible for large intranet eco-systems should focus on governing, not managing. Their vocation should be to help bring meaning and relevance for people using these systems. There are three tools for doing this: a start page strategy, a global navigation bar that anchors the eco-system, and a set of minimalist rules. More here.

Governance Is All About Negotiation: Three Recommendations

It is difficult to implement governance for 3 main reasons: (1) the right people are not involved in the decisions from the start, (2) different groups in the enterprise are making conflicting decisions and (3) decisions are made on paper and are theoretical, either superficial or too detailed. I have three recommendations to share,  based on extensive experience with global, complex organizations.


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