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Update:Gig Mindset Survey Open For….

Important: The survey closes at the end of September and the data summary report will be available to all participants as of the middle of October.

Participate! It only takes 15 minutes.


What is the goal of the gig mindset research?

For the last few years I have seen many people, salaried, INSIDE organizations, showing signs of attitudes and behavior similar to external freelancers. I use the term “gig mindset” to describe this phenomenon and decided to explore it further.

  • How does this differ from a traditional approach to work?
  • Is it just a question of nuance, of degree, or are there real, meaningful differences?
  • What does it mean for people and for organizations?
  • What impact does the gig mindset have on organizations? Does it build resilience, trigger innovation, create disorder?

What are participants saying about the gig mindset survey questions?

  • “The survey from Jane McConnell on changing attitudes to work and the “gig mindset” is the best 15 mins you’ll spend on the Internet.”
  • “Excellent survey. Worthwhile questions. I look forward to reading the results.”
  • “Thank you for this survey and letting me be aware of the gig mindset. New perspective to think about organizational culture.”
  • “Thank you – this kind of work is important if we are to find ways of creating better work.”
  • “This is very interesting and important research.  I look forward to reading the results.”
  • “Such a great initiative.  Can’t wait to see the results.”
  • “You’re doing interesting research, Jane! Keep up the good work.”
  • “Great you are doing this!   As an older Culture worker (now unemployed because of my ‘gig’ tendencies), I am glad someone has coined this phrase.” 
  • “This is very interesting and important research.  I look forward to reading the results.”

More here: Update September 1stCustomized Gig Mindset Snapshot for Your Organization, Gig or Traditional Mindset? 8 Behaviors

Participate! It only takes 15 minutes.

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India at the top of the demographic spectrum – August-September

The last few weeks have seen a surge in participation from India,  thanks to Kavi Arasu and his networking. India now ties with the US at 25 survey participants each. (Demographics as of September 2.)



Mentalidad Gig – in Spanish – August

The Spanish edition of the survey went live at the end of August:

Here’s a message from Luis Suarez, who made the Spanish version possible:

“Encourage all of your Spanish & LATAM friends to have a go and fill in the survey, please. The more, the merrier! 😀👍🏻 PD. Para mis ‘compis’ en España y LATAM, Jane McConnell está llevando a cabo un nuevo estudio de investigación sobre el “gig mindset” y hay una encuesta en la que podemos participar ( y añadir nuestras experiencias que también ha sido traducida al castellano, con lo cual podemos participar también, si lo deseamos, en castellano. Cuantos más seamos, mejor. La encuesta lleva unos 20 minutos de vuestro tiempo. ¡¡Mil gracias!! 🙏🏻😀

International Advisory Board – June-July

The Gig Mindset Advisory Board worked with me over June and early July. They helped formulate the 8 behaviors of the gig mindset as defined in the research and brought valuable insight from the frontlines.

Click on the image in order to access the pdf file with active links to each person’s LinkedIn profile.