Gig Mindset

The Gig Mindset Adventure Signposts

Developing a Gig Mindset work culture is a journey with signposts on the path

That’s why I refer to the chapters in the Handbook as Adventure Signposts!

Members of a Circle  go through 12 exercises. Each exercise has three steps as described here.

The journey then finishes with Part 5 “Your Next Steps” which takes you closer to your destination.

Part 1 – Your Gig Mindset Work Culture

Assessment and Exploration (pp. 7-10)

Part 2 – Getting & Keeping People

A. Beyond the CV (pp. 12-15)
B. Beyond the Annual Performance Review (pp. 16-18)
C. Beyond Job Descriptions (pp. 19-21)
D. Talent Marketplaces (pp. 22-25)

Part 3 – Energizing

A. Reverse Leadership (pp. 27-31)
B. Freedom in a Framework (pp. 32-35)
C. Openness and Learning (pp. 36-39)

Part 4 – Extending

A. Reachability (pp. 41-44)
B. Scanning the Horizon (pp. 45-48)
C. Adaptive Capacity (pp. 49-52)
D. Improvisation (pp. 53-56)

Part 5 – Your Next Steps

A. Laying the Foundation for Change (pp. 57-59)
B. Your Action Plan (pp. 60-61)

Are you potentially interested?

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