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Does your role have a gig-mindset orientation?

Preliminary observations that will be developed in more detail in the final consolidated data report from the on-going Gig Mindset survey:Refer here to see the 8 behaviors described.

Three early observations follow. More to come in the final data consolidation report.

R&D – People in R&D and Engineering seem to have the strongest gig mindset orientation. Not surprising, given their vocation of discovery, experimentation and innovation.

HR – People in HR self-assessed themselves at a level which is lower overall than the other roles. Based on my data over 10 years of annual surveys on the organization in the digital age (here and here), HR was slow to come on board to digital in general, but when they did, they had great impact. We may see the same evolution when it comes to the internal gig mindset.


  • The traditional approach: “I prefer working under guidance from my supervisor and decision-making processes that respect hierarchical flows”
  • versus the gig mindset approach: “I often take responsibility for initiating/advancing a project without guidance, and assume responsibility for decisions”.

We see two roles closer to the traditional approach (Finance, HR) and four roles closer to the gig mindset approach (Business Development, Customer Support, R&D, Comms.) The first three concern products and customers. Both Business Development and Customer Support are often on the edges of the organization, therefore in greater contact with the external world.

Being on the edges of the organization tends to make people more gig-mindset oriented.

Stay tuned for more…