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Does your job title reflect the vision behind your role?

…… Part of The Basics series. First published in August 2007 ……

A word of advice for all people with job titles. This post was written especially for intranet managers.

The very name of your departement or team or even your job title can be used to reflect the vision your organisation has of the intranet and the intranet landscape. I use the word landscape to mean the intranet and all pieces of the environment in which the intranet exists. This can include email, the employee directory, dedicated portals, document management systems, collaborative spaces and so on. I am including whatever the user perceives as “the intranet”.

While analysing the data and producing the 2006 Global Intranet Report, I observed many different titles. The 2007 Survey participants have an even wider range of titles. Take a look at some of these team and/or job titles, and think about the different images they project and whether or not some of these might be of interest to you.

Of course you cannot completely control the name of your department or team, but you can surely influence it. Maybe some ideas below – all from real people –  will inspire you!

“My role is focused on the intranet”

Let’s start with what I call the “Intranet Something” titles. These are the most frequent, and reflect different philosophies and degrees of responsibility

  • Intranet Coordinator
  • Intranet Manager
  • Intranet Leader
  • Intranet Gatekeeper
  • Intranet Overseer

These five words carry quite different meanings and your choice should be made carefully. It will in part depend on your company culture and the degree to which you are centralised or decentralised, using global processes or not.

Coordinator –  a person whose job is to make different things work well together, and must often work through influence rather than direct control

Manager- a person with a team of people and a certain degree of control and direct responsiblity

Leader – a person with vision and the ability to bring others together around this vision

Gatekeeper – a person whose job it is to protect something of value and to ensure that it is well taken care of

Overseer – a person whose role is to supervise people and/or things to make sure all goes well

“I am in charge of content”

Then we have titles that reflect responsibility for content on the intranet.

  • Intranet Producer
  • Intranet Content Management
  • Editorial Webmaster – Internet – Intranet – e-communications

These three titles are different in that:

Producers do the “real” work – the often thankless task of producing and maintaining high quality content

Content management may refer to managing either producers or the whole content provision system (people and tools)

The third title uses the unfortunate word “web master” and although it is preceded by “editorial”, still suggests someone who executes what others create. The extension of “e-communications” to the title raises the level a little, but it still projects a limited level of responsibility.

“We are here to serve”

Another set of titles suggest the intranet is there to serve the organisation, help people do their work, but do not make a direct relationship to the actual business of the organisation

  • Director, Intranet Services
  • Interactive Communications Manager
  • IT Manager: Communication – Collaboration
  • Intranet Team, Internal & Change Communications
  • Online Communications Officer
  • Internet & Intranet Support Team Leader
  • Global Intranet Services Manager
  • Manager, Enterprise Web Management

“The intranet is important”

Another set suggests importance of the intranet

  • Vice President Intranet Services
  • Corporate Communications: Program Manager, Intranet Strategy & Production
  • Global Intranet Specialist

Having a VP in charge of intranet services, setting up an official program with a person in charge of strategy and production, and have intranet specialists all suggest that the organisations attribute value and importance to the intranet. They recognise the need for expertise, strategy and high level management.

“The intranet brings business value to the organisation”

The following titles go on step further, with an indication of the business value the intranet brings to the organisation

  • Internal Web Capability
  • Business Consultant | Web Strategy and Marketing
  • Intranet Business Analyst
  • Business Change Manager – Intranet

“Beyond the intranet”

The final title in my list is the one that reflects a strong vision that goes far beyond the intranet itself.

  • Director, Workplace Strategy & Enablement : Total Workplace Experience CoE

This suggests a company that has a strategy for the workplace, wants to enable employees, and has gone so far as to create a center of excellence for the “total workplace experience”. This company is clearly people and user-focused, and considers this concept sufficiently important to build a team of experts around it.

Think about your title. Does it reflect your vision of your role.

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