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Do you have a gig mindset? Does your organization? Join the research and find out.

gig mindset competitive advantage

I am doing a research project to learn more about the gig mindset inside organizations.

What is the gig mindset?

The term “gig mindset” refers to the attitudes and behaviors of people who, even though they are salaried employees in an organization, approach their work more as if they were independent freelancers. Their attitudes and behaviors contrast with those of salaried people who work with what we might call the “traditional mindset” where the approach to work is influenced by defined roles, hierarchy and established procedures.

Objectives of the research

1. Understand the gig mindset, and how it manifests itself in peoples’ attitudes, preferences and behaviors.

2. Identify the current and future potential impacts for people and for organizations.

3. Discover how organizations facilitate or discourage the gig mindset.

Quotes from early research participants

“Gig mindset people are like early adopters. There are not many today, but their numbers will grow gradually.”

“We are seeing roles and processes being converted into skills required for performance.”

“When you eliminate roles, you start to fracture hierarchy.”

“The culture, the technology, communication, employee performance reviews, and nearly every other aspect of traditional business structure is stressed.”