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Digital workplace survey – a resounding success

…… Part of The Basics series. First published in October 2012 ……

The survey closed with participation from over 360 organizations around the world. some comments

Intranet people – the new strategic players in the digital workplace

Intranet practitioners are clearly positioned to become strategic players in the broader digital workplace (which includes but is not limited to the intranet).

Why? Because intranet practitioners have long been the people in organizations with the broadest and deepest insight into what people are doing “digitally-speaking”.


Why do organizations participate?

Organizations who participated in the survey this year had six major reasons:

  • Benchmark and get buy-in: “Decision-makers value this kind of data and insight
  • Understand what’s coming: “Spot future trends
  • Support the survey: “Contribute to independent research
  • Compare ourselves to others: “Get a realistic perspective on our case
  • Make me think: “The questions are as beneficial as the report
  • Share with other people: “You need to give to get

Better still, let’s hear it from the practitioners themselves….

Benchmark and get buy-in: “Decision-makers value this kind of data and insight”

  • “Because we get ongoing value from our participation: this kind of data / insight is valued by decision-makers.”
  • “The questions always trigger a lot of thoughts about our current strategy. And I always use the reports.”
  • “The report is always very helpful for benchmarking and to hand on to our direct management, showing that we are working on the “right” issues.”
  • “Understanding what others are doing in this area is a very useful leverage tool for getting buy-in for our own initiatives. We are not just a lone voice when we have the benefit of others’ experiences and challenges in this area.”

Understand what’s coming: “Spot future trends”

  • “To see what kind of questions are being asked to prompt thinking for strategy and development of our intranet.”
  • “Times are changing. It is important to participate to understand what is happening across the globe in this space.”
  • “I have been participating since the start of this survey. And I have always found the questions very helpful to think about future areas.”
  • “It is a help to think about what we’ve tried to accomplish, what worked and what we should do in future.”

Support the survey: “Contribute to independent research”

  • “To contribute to a piece of research – plus I did the survey last year and found it gave me perspective on the larger issues around digital working.”
  • “Also, I think it is important to take part in these surveys because the results can be very useful. I also have an enormous respect for Jane and this survey.”

Compare ourselves to others: “Get a realistic perspective on our case”

  • “Conferences and publications are mostly about best of breed examples and success stories. The report helps give us a more realistic perspective.”
  • “I participated in the survey to help build a picture of how these platforms, technologies and methods are being used and to share the published results with others in my organization to validate or alter approaches we’re taking.”
  • “Doing the survey (and getting the report) is a way of getting an external professional view of the way things are going.”
  • “This sometimes influences our thinking as we are exposed to a wider range of practices / patterns which we would have not previously considered due to the culture & in-house experiences in the Company.”
  • Make me think: “The questions are as beneficial as the report”

  • “I use it to keep myself motivated to work toward a digital workplace for our organization.”
  • “To make me think! The survey questions themselves are as beneficial as the report.”
  • “This exercise is helpful, the report is helpful, and simply participating is helpful. And I need all the help I can get!”
  • “The questions are good food for thought.”
  • “I always learn a lot just by the questions – it helps to question yourself what you are doing (or not doing), why and how.”

Share with other people: “You need to give to get”

  • “I’m keen on participating within the wider KM community – it would be a shame to preach from my intranet pulpit and then not live according to my sermon.”
  • “You need to give to get… Interested in seeing how other companies solve their problems as well as getting an update on the latest trends.”