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Digital workplace model, a sneak preview in 2013

…… Part of The Basics series. First published in January 2014 ……

(Note 2018: This is the first version of what has become the Foundational Framework for the Organization in the Digital Age.)  The Digital Workplace Survey Advisory Board and I have discussed and developed a model that encompasses what the digital workplace is all about. We had a lot of discussion over the autumn of 2013, sharing different viewpoints.

Without the input of the Board, this work would not have been possible. It’s satisfying and stimulating to work with experienced digital practitioners and thought leaders with different expertise and from parts of the world. Each person has a specific angle, experience and interest in the topic of digital workplaces. These merging viewpoints were  instrumental in pushing the digital workplace beyond earlier concepts created by myself and by others.

“The Digital Workplace in the Connected Organization”

So it’s logical that the 2014 report has a new title: “The Digital Workplace in the Connected Organization”.

  • It looks at capabilities of people, of business and of the organization as a whole.
  • It deals with the mindset of the organization, defined as the values, expectations and ways of thinking that determine how people and organizations respond to situations. Mindset is looked at from three dimensions: leadership, organizational culture and managing the digital workplace as a strategic asset.
  • And it covers what I call enablers:  processes, structures and reach that make up the “invisible infrastructure” of an organization.

The full model of the foundational framework will be published in the report at the beginning of February (January 31st for survey participants). It will be published in the context of a maturity scale and scorecards for different industries and segments. Individual participating organization will get their own scorecards in early February.