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People, work cultures and leadership are out of synch

The point of this short article is to show data over past years that provide a context for understanding the emergence of the gig mindset: High people capabilities in stifling work cultures  with rigid management practices have led to new behaviors for people who are self-motivated to make a difference in their organization. (more…)

The Inclusive Organization and the Reachability Factor

How can you build the right balance between global and local needs, desk-less and desk workers, and the center and the edges? If you can get it right,  it will change the DNA of your organization to one of genuine inclusiveness. You will fortify the sense of common purpose and belonging. Originally published on the Global Peter Drucker Forum Blog. (more…)

Where did search go?

…… First published in September 2016 ……

When I saw the data on the chart below, my first reaction was to ask “Where did search go?” Both enterprise search and social search are at the bottom of the list. Why? Responses on the chart show the percentage of respondents who said “available organization-wide” and “available in some parts”.

Maybe Search is just too hard to do well. So we focus instead on the fun stuff—the things that make media buzz.

As I’ll show you later, these deployment figures are just the beginning. What really matters is how they impact work practices—as individuals, as teams and across the organization. In the meantime, here’s the chart. The full descriptions for each item follow. (more…)

High-Performing Customer-Facing Workforce and BYOD

…… Originally published in May 2016 in the Harvard Business Review under the title “Tracking the Trends in Bringing Our Own Devices to Work ……

For the last five years or so, one of the major discussions in the corporate IT world has been around the related issues of the consumerization of IT and employees who bring their personal devices to work (the so-called BYO movement, for “bring your own”). I explored the BYO movement, looking at official policies and real-life practices for BYOD (bring your own device), BYOPC (bring your own computer) and BYOA (bring your own application, including using the public cloud). (more…)

Data and analysis of the BYO phenomenon from 2013 & 2014

…… Originally published in March 2016 ……

Data and analysis of the”Bring Your Own…” phenomenon

Check out the exhibits showing how BYO is higher in companies where the customer-facing workforce is performing well. (The Harvard Business Review Digital Edition has published my related article about Tracking Trends in Bringing Our Own Devices to Work. I have republished it here. (more…)

Hacking Work – Bring Your Own…

…… Published in February 2016 ……

The Top Performing Customer-facing Workforces Are Hacking Work And Getting Results!

These exhibits accompany an article about BYO trends in the customer-facing workforce. They show that the bring-your-own movement is much higher in top performing customer-facing workforces, and that this group is also more social and collaborative than other less BYO groups. (more…)

Decrease of Interest in Enterprise Social Software Signals a Shift from Tool to Behavior

…… Part of The Basics series. First published in March 2014 ……

Recent news stories say fewer customers are buying and vendors are less interested in enterprise social software today. Why?

Some people are surprised; others have concluded it is because social collaboration (or “social business” as some may call it) is dying. I disagree with this analysis. Data from my recent report The Digital Workplace in the Connected Organization 2014 tell a different story:  Early Adopters have finished buying and are now focused on learning to work in new ways. The Majority are in “wait and see” mode. (more…)