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About the Research

A solid reference core of organizations

Approximately 300 organizations participate each year. They are located around the world, operate in a wide range of sectors, and include some of the world’s largest companies along with small organizations, NGOs and other non-corporate organization such as government agencies. (more…)

Why a decade of research?

To help decision-makers with annual checkpoints on their digital journeys

The overriding purpose of my 10-year long research has been to provide annual checkpoints for people involved in digital transformation of organizations. Each yearly report since 2006 has highlighted both status points and challenges on the digital journey. This evidence-based, multi-year narrative has helped many organizations understand where they are and what they want to achieve. (more…)

Open Letter to Students

I’m often contacted by students who request reduced price to purchase my reports. In the past, I have offered reduced prices to students, and, unfortunately, have the feeling the report goes into a black hole: I never hear back and never have the opportunity to see the resulting research papers.

For this year’s report I have a different approach. (more…)

Key Findings ‘Organization in the Digital Age’ 10th Edition

Competing priorities is at the top of the list of challenges for many organizations when defining their digital transformation strategies. One of the goals of this report is to provide data, analysis and case studies that will help organizations prioritize and identify criteria for strategic decision-making.

18 key findings are explained below. (First published in November 2016.).


Beyond the Individual to the Organizational Commons (data)

The exhibits below provide data relevant to the article Beyond the Individual.

About the research

Figures are based on data collected in annual surveys with participation from an evolving base of approximately 300 organizations headquartered in Europe, North America and Australia-Pacific. They operate in different sectors, and have workforces ranging from fewer than 500 to over 100,000 people. (more…)