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My research work is guided by years of firsthand experience with clients. And vice versa: my work with clients is inspired by discoveries in my research.


I conducted 10 years of global research about the Organization in the Digital Age. The purpose was to help decision-makers with annual checkpoints on their digital journeys. The observations are still relevant.

My research then evolved naturally into the role and behaviors of individuals in the digital age and organization.

Start here to get an overview, then dive in to the links for more information: Research over 14 years: from organization to individual




I have worked as an advisor and facilitator for organizations around the world. Private and public. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to these organizations who have been instrumental in helping me learn.

We have walked, hand in hand, down the digital road of change and discovery.

You can see a list and read more on this page: Advisor and Facilitator.