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Mindsets Inside Organizations

Please help me in my research. For the last few years I have seen many people, salaried, inside organizations, showing signs of attitudes and behavior similar to freelancers. I use the term “gig mindset” to describe this phenomena and decided to explore it further. How does this differ from a traditional approach to work? Is it just a question of nuance, of degree? Are there real, meaningful differences? If so, what does it mean for people and for organizations?

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About the Research

A solid reference core of organizations Approximately 300 organizations participate each year. They are located around the world, operate in a wide range of sectors, and include some of the world’s largest companies along with small organizations, NGOs and other non-corporate organization such as government agencies.

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Why a decade of research?

To help decision-makers with annual checkpoints on their digital journeys The overriding purpose of my 10-year long research has been to provide annual checkpoints for people involved in digital transformation of organizations. Each yearly report since 2006 has highlighted both status points and challenges on the digital journey. This evidence-based, multi-year narrative has helped many organizations understand where they are and what they want to achieve.

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