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Gig Mindset Circles

Why a Gig Mindset Circle?

Since I published The Gig Mindset Advantage in 2021, people have written to me about how strongly they identified with the gig mindset, asking me how they can bring that kind of work culture into their organization.

We have seen that top down change initiatives rarely work. We also know that individuals cannot bring change bottom up alone . The most effective way to bring about lasting change is to work with other people to assess the situation together, determine priorities, to move into action slowly, step by step. One way to do this it to create a “Gig Mindset Circle“.

What exactly is a Gig Mindset Circle?

Gig mindset circles are small groups of people who are motivated by the desire to help make their organizations more purposeful, creative and resilient in volatile times. They meet regularly to assess, share and advance. They follow the guidelines in the Gig Mindset Circles Handbook.

Circles can be organized and facilitated by individuals inside organizations, at any level and in any function. Or they can also be organized and led by independent advisors, as part of their service offer.

How does the Gig Mindset Circle Handbook work?

The handbook is made up of simple, open-ended thought-provoking questions to help the facilitator guide conversations and assess the organization’s current state. It will help identify the changes circle members would like to bring and offer practical suggestions. Conversations in the circles can take place in person, online or a combination of both

The materials include references to case studies and examples from my book The Gig Mindset Advantage.  The Handbook operates independently of the book and reading the book is not a requirement for facilitators or circle members. However, case studies and real examples from the book are suggested in the Handbook and bring detail and inspiration to the thinking, as well as useful material to share later with management, if relevant.

My publisher, Figure1, offers a significant reduction on bulk purchases if you’d like to order copies of the book. If so, get in touch and let me know.

There is a Slack group of gig mindset circle facilitators and we get together as needed to discuss  progress, challenges, and share stories.

How much does the Handbook cost?

Nothing. It is free, published under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Why did I decide to make it free?

My goal is to find people around the world who are interested in creating and joining the circles because they, like myself, want to bring change within organizational life and more meaning to the workplace.

If you’re interested, get in touch for an exploratory conversation.