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Where I live

15 minutes from the Pont du Gard, timeless symbol in the digital age

Born in the United States, I have lived many years in France. I have dual nationality — American and French. I currently live in Provence, in a village with barely 1,000 inhabitants about 45 minutes by car from Avignon and only 15 minutes from the magnificent Roman Pont du Gard.

Where I Came From

I grew up in the land of corn and farmers. John Deere was connecting their sales teams to the farmers in the field over 20 years ago. The salesmen took their portable computers out to the farmers in the field to show them photos of the parts they could order for their tractors.

I’m sure my grandfather, who bought the first John Deere tractor in his part of Nebraska many years ago, may have met one of these salespeople!  (more…)