Gig Mindset Research: Update – 25 January

One week after going live, 70 people from 17 countries have taken the survey. Please join them! (more…)

The end of functional roles

Are functional roles disappearing inside organizations?

Yes, I believe they are. This is part of how hierarchy is fracturing.

Functions are based on job titles and roles in a hierarchy more than on skills and talent that people have. (more…)

The cultural fit dilemma – what is it?

I have worked with many organizations with very different cultures, as well as different ideas about what culture actually means.

Does your organization have a gig-mindset cultural fit?


Do people interact and network across organizations?

Do people on LinkedIn interact and network? I asked people on LinkedIn and within a few days had nearly 3,000 views and over 60 comments. (more…)

What now?

This Briefing Note is about asking questions, questioning what we take for granted. I’m sharing three pieces I wrote this month about (1) who burns out and why, (2) reversed leadership and (3) the dubious nature of thought leaders.

I have also included three articles I found relevant for the workplace and society: (1) the loss of corporate profit-sharing, (2) the rise of deep platforms and what they do, and (3) a new essential job opportunity arising in the pandemic crisis.

By the way, I’m preparing to launch an international, online group of practitioners –people working inside organizations –who want to share experiences, ask questions, and get into direct contact with peers around the world.


Connecting thoughts and pieces

Cleaning house

At last I’m getting around to organizing my thinking and research notes and apps into a connected framework. I tend to work too fast, and neglect categorizing and organizing my sources of inspiration as I go.

Why now?

I decided to build my Personal InfoCloud, a term coined by Thomas Vander Wal and based on what he calls the model of attraction. I want my notes come to me rather than my following links to find them. (


I’m experimenting with Obsidian and am impressed by the mapping and tagging features that let me connect my thoughts and sources in different ways, simultaneously. I’ll update everyone on my progress in a few weeks.

Why a bold new breed of employee is so valuable

At last! My book is in the competent hands of a skilled copy writer and we are nearing the end of a two-year adventure. I should say we are nearing the beginning of a new adventure that starts in May 2021, the official publication date.

I say we deliberately, because many people around the world have been instrumental in helping me over the last 24 months: the Advisory Board, the interviewees, 300 research participants and many others including academics, specialized experts and practitioners. (more…)

The Gig Mindset Advantage

I’m pleased to announce that my book–The Gig Mindset Advantage: Why a Bold New Breed of Employee Is Your Organization’s Secret Weapon in Volatile Times–will be published in May 2021. It is currently in the final stages of copy writing, after a very stimulating two years of research and writing.

I’ve just sent out my September Briefing Note to subscribers where I announced the book. You can find a link to it here as well as a subscribe button in the right column if you’d like to get my monthly briefing notes.

Enjoy your weekend!

Being Resilient

This article is about being resilient. It is not about resilience. A resilient person or organization can get through a crisis. But making it through once is not enough. It is highly likely there will be more and greater disruption in the short- and long-term. We are already living this. Being resilient is a state of readiness, a way of acting, a way of thinking. It is proactive, not reactive. In today’s work environment, this is business critical, for individuals and for organizations. It may even be a question of survival. (more…)

Civil disobedience facing strategic blindness

Civil disobedience facing strategic blindness  is the topic of the first chapter in my book about the gig mindset inside organizations. The title was inspired by two interviews I had during my research.

The first is from an analyst-journalist, based in India, who told me how he interprets the resistance of senior management to change and the second from a test engineer in a global industrial company headquartered in Europe who talked about civil disobedience as a way of triggering change….

A senior test engineer in a global industrial company based in Europe shared how he and colleagues worked to bring visibility to new ways of working, or what I call the gig mindset: “Some more radical things were coming from the idea that, if we are going to change a company as large as ours, it’s not any different to change in society, so why don’t we do things like civil disobedience. The idea was actually protesting, peacefully in an open area where senior managers would see us. We wanted to demonstrate what we are already doing, and make it inclusive, so others can see and join us.” The initiative worked well because several top leaders were asking why HR was not involved. The answer was they had not seen any reason to involve HR. It was a people-led movement.

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Looking forward to your thoughts.