Gig Mindset Circles

Why Gig Mindset Circles?

Since I published The Gig Mindset Advantage in 2021, people have written to me about how strongly they identified with the gig mindset, asking me how they can bring that kind of work culture into their organization.

We have seen that top down change initiatives rarely work. We also know that individuals cannot bring change bottom up alone . The most effective way to bring about lasting change is to work with other people to assess the situation, determine priorities, and to move into action step by step. Movements across organizations often catch leaders’ attention!
One way to do this is to create “Gig Mindset Circles“. (more…)

A business book award for The Gig Mindset Advantage

I hope you’ll read The Gig Mindset Advantage. Let me know if you have any questions or comments. (more…)

Reverse leadership

I wrote about reverse leadership in 2020 in my book The Gig Mindset Advantage – A Bold New Breed. I offered examples of what it means, and also what precautions you need to take.

Check out this issue of the Inside Outsider about Reverse Leadership.

Reverse leadership behaviors include acting ignorant, listening to the edges, avoiding consensus, looking forward rather than back, and above all managing up.

January briefing note for weekend reading!

New kids on the block – you and your toaster – scary tech – crafting your way -and more

The 2022 January Bold New Breed briefing note just went out. I hope you’ll share your thoughts in the comments.

Sketch by Gustavo Rezende

Will the new kids on the block upset your business?

I published issue 5 of my LinkedIn newletter – Inside Outsider – yesterday. The topic was Will your company be replaced by a startup?

Surviving and thriving in a fast-changing world where startups have advantages of speed and youth. How will you adapt? How flexible are you and will that be the differentiating factor?

Futures that may seem impossible or crazy today - quick look at the past

We need new future scenarios. We need some far-out thinking, to imagine futures that may seem impossible or crazy today. Change is fast, and uncertainty stronger than ever. Our internal and external worlds are colliding, or, at best, merging. (more…)

The Future is at Stake – The Gig Mindset 2021

What do you think about my manifesto in this presentation I gave at IOM Summit in October 2021? It’s on slide 21.


New Briefing Notes

I have moved my Briefing Notes to Substack and am very pleased with the ease of publication compared to my previous host.

If you are interested in or part of the Bold New Breed, you can subscribe to my Briefing Notes and be updated monthly.

Why subscribe?

  • Follow trends (the human ones!) that are changing people and the workplace
  • See why the emergence of the gig mindset inside organizations is a big deal.

You can also see archives from the past few years.

You may be interested in joining a community of gig mindsetters who share stories, frustrations, accomplishments and ambitions in a private space.

Why new? Why bold?

My book, The Gig Mindset Advantage is out in May.  A long  gestation – over two years of research, interviews, thinking, writing and interaction with my publisher. But it’s all worth it!

You can see what early readers say about it, and I look forward to your comments once you’ve read it.

I have started a podcast called Bold New Breed. You can see more about it here and discover the five episodes already live. I’ll be talking about how gig mindsetters are bringing change to the workplace and I’ll also interviewing people around the world to learn about their own experiences. If you have a story to share, get in touch.

You can subscribe on all major directories: Apple, Spotify, Google, Amazon Music, Stitcher and others. (more…)

Are you slowing down? I hope so.


One of the effects I have observed from the pandemic and full-time remote work is slowness. All around me I see signs of people slowing down. I too find my own work slowing down.

For example, I am preparing a podcast–Bold New Breed– based on my  research around the workplace. My preparation is going more slowly than I expected,  both technically (not a surprise as it’s a whole new media)  but also in defining and refining the content.

However, the slowness has been beneficial for my own thinking.


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