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Thank you for your contribution to the Gig Mindset research.

Your input is valuable and I appreciate your time. If you have any questions or comments, get in touch.

I am looking for real life examples to include in the report. So if you have a story or anecdote to share, let me know. They can be published nominatively or anonymously. I’m interested in positive stories but also negative experiences.

We sometimes learn more from failures than from successes. And remember, anonymity is guaranteed if that’s your preference.

The Gig Mentality Is Growing Inside Organizations

The gig mentality brings a sense of freedom, openness, engagement and accountability, inside and outside organizations. The gig mentality in the workplace should be embraced, not resisted. After I gave the opening keynote at IntranetReloaded in Berlin, where I talked about how the gig mentality can create a feeling of chaos, many people came up to me over the two-day conference. They talked about how they see signs of the gig mentality in their own organizations. Many asked how to encourage it.  Read More