Author: Jane McConnell

Gig Mindset Circles


Since I published The Gig Mindset Advantage in 2021, people have written to me about how strongly they identified with the gig mindset, asking me how they can bring that kind of work culture into their organization.

Top down change initiatives rarely work. Realistically, individuals cannot bring change alone. The most effective way to bring about lasting change is to work with other people to assess the situation together, determine priorities, to move into action slowly, step by step. One way to approach this is to find interested people, even only 2 or 3, ideally more, and to come together regularly for open and constructive conversations. This is what I’m calling “circles”. Here’s the front page of the Handbook.


Gig mindset circles can be organized by individuals inside organizations. They can be organized by anyone in the organization. They can also be organized by independent advisors, tasked by an organization to guide change initiatives.


The gig mindset circle handbook is made up of simple, open-ended thought-provoking questions to help you guide conversations and assess your organization’s current state. It will help you identify the changes you and colleagues would like to bring and offer practical suggestions. Conversations in the circles can take place in person, online or a combination of both

The materials include references to case studies and examples from The Gig Mindset Advantage you can use to build compelling messages for management. Reading the book is not a requirement to do a circle, but it will bring detail and inspiring case studies to share.

My publisher, Figure1, offers a significant reduction on bulk purchases if you’d like yourself and your group to have copies of the book.

There is a Slack group of gig mindset circle facilitators and we get together as needed to discuss  progress, challenges, and share stories.

How much does it cost?

Nothing. The materials are free, published under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

My goal is to find people around the world who are interested in creating these circles because they want to bring change within their own organization or help other organizations do so.

If you’re interested, get in touch for an exploratory conversation.