Author: Jane McConnell

The Workbook

The workbook is free.

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There is a bottom-up movement emerging in people and organizations around the world. I call them gig mindsetters. They are a bold new breed. I say breed because they have a freelancer mindset even when they are inside organizations. They combine the insights and objectivity of outsiders with their in-depth knowledge of the insider. They are ambitious for themselves and for their organization.

Does this sound like you? If so, you’ll love this workbook!

> Gain a sense of identity and agency

> Discover ways to mobilize others

> Increase resilience for yourself and your group

> Discover how to own your personal strategy and optimize your work life inside or outside an organization





You need a copy of the book – The Gig Mindset Advantage – to be able to use the workbook effectively. It is not designed to replace the book. It is intended to guide you through critical points, with the underlying big picture in the commentary, interview and case studies in the book.

Here’s the table of contents.

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