Author: Jane McConnell

Thank you for your contribution to the Gig Mindset research.

Your input is valuable and I appreciate your time. If you have any questions or comments, get in touch. I am looking for real life examples to include in the report. So if you have a story or anecdote to share, let me know. They can be published nominatively or anonymously. I’m interested in positive stories but also negative experiences. We sometimes learn more from failures than from successes. And remember, anonymity is guaranteed if that’s your preference.

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A Living Vision

The living vision means our vision is how we are living today, how we work and interact with people around us. I was inspired by Sonja Blignaut who recently wrote: “What if we saw vision not as a determined end state we need to achieve, but as a co-created, evolving pattern we are living in that informs every decision and interaction in the now.”

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