About Myself–Scholar and Practitioner

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About myself–scholar and practitioner

When I first heard about Edgar Schein’s work on the role of the scholar-practitioner, a light went on for me. It was exactly the way I felt about my work over the past 25 years. I never realized there was a name for it.

My scholar side

I have conducted 10 annual surveys on the internal digital work environments of organizations between 2006 and 2016. Each year I published a report. The 10th annual survey report was published in November 2016: The Organization in the Digital Age. Approximately 300 organizations participated each year.

My current research is focused on the gig mindset inside organizations. This has led to the book which will be published in April 2021:  The Gig Mindset Advantage.

My practitioner side

I have worked advised global organizations on their internal digital strategies and organizational culture evolutions for over 20 years.

I give private briefings to management which are grounded in data from my 12 years of research. I help management envisage how they can define actionable strategies and mobilize their organization.

The blend:  how scholar and practitioner come together

My foundational framework was defined using data and insights from several years of annual surveys. It became a reference point for organizations on their digital transformation travels.

People use my research questionnaire internally in workshop mode to identify areas to focus on. Organizations can request their scorecard, giving them a sense of where they fit on the foundational framework, how they compare to others in their industry or within the global view.

My writing side

I am a digital pioneer in France, my adopted country. I was the originator and co-author of the first non-technical book about internet and intranet to be published in France in 1996 – nearly 25 years ago. L’avantage Internet pour l’entreprise  was published by business publisher Dunod and reprinted twice.

More recently I have published articles fed by data and input from my research and insights from enterprises I have worked with.

MIT Sloan Management Review

Harvard Business Review Digital

Global Peter Drucker Forum Blog

The personal blend

The past and the present

Born in Nebraska, young days in Arizona and university in California, I now live in Provence, just minutes away from the Roman Pont du Gard. The dignity and timelessness of the site are a constant reminder of the balance I (and we all) need between the past and the present.