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A digital workplace mosaic

…… Part of The Basics series. First published in January 2014 ……

Between now and the publication of The Digital Workplace in the Connected Organization”, I’d like to share a sense of the case studies that will appear in the report this year.  Cases  come from some of the world’s largest, global companies as well as from small dedicated humanitarian organizations.

Digital workplaces in context

I selected approximately 20 organizations with good stories to share and the result is a powerful mosaic of what’s happening today in organizations where the digital workplace plays an important role in business and ways of working. Here are some outstanding quotes to give you a flavor of what’s coming:

  • “The results of this work is that HR is now investigating how this “extended organization structure” based on horizontal collaboration can be integrated in SAP as well.”
  • “Modern communication tools are now an integral part of the emergency response.”
  • “The days of going somewhere and sitting in a room with other people to ‘learn something’ seem a distant memory.”
  • “The cost of an employee not being able to easily find and access information often outweighs the cost of that information falling into the wrong hands.”
  • “A community’s strength lies with excellent community management, which is why we have started a number of initiatives to professionalize this skill.”
  • “Putting a monetary value on a connection made today that may translate into a major project ten years from now is impossible.”
  • “Knowing that real people are there to help you find what you need is very comforting to staff who don’t put much trust in digital search methods.”
  • “Millennials are ‘change-ready’. In other words, they are intolerant to inertia…. They are looking for inspiring leaders rather than control-oriented managers.”